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Would Silk Bonnets Really Work for My Hair?

Each of us has experienced the dreaded “bed head” in the morning. But did you know that sleeping with a little silk wrapped over your locks could prevent morning frizz? Thanks to a slew of endorsements from celebrities, social media influencers, and advocates of the Curly Girl method, silk bonnets and silk hair wraps are seeing a rebirth. But more significantly, it’s a particular kind of silk that gives hair that additional TLC, the ultra-smooth deliciousness of Mulberry silk.

So, what exactly is it about sleeping in silk that is so beneficial to your hair? In this article, we dig into the benefits of silk hair wraps and silk bonnets for hair.

  • Silk bonnets for bedtime lessen hair dandruff.

Dryness develops as hair grows longer, leading to ends that are brittle and fragile. Materials like cotton and linen can really absorb the moisture from your hair. Contrarily, silk does not absorb moisture in the same manner that other materials do, helping to preserve the healthiness and moisture of your hair in its natural state.

  • Curly Hair Love some Silk

Because curly hair has a less elastic structure, it is more likely to break. Due to its tight, compact weave, Mulberry silk has a considerably flatter and smoother surface than other textiles like cotton, linen, or polyester. These other materials have the potential to pull and tear at fragile hair strands and rough up the hair cuticles. Silk bonnet is significantly friendlier to hair because of its inherent characteristics.

  • Silk lessens split ends.

Your hair is more vulnerable to breakage or split ends the longer it gets. Your hair will stay well-behaved and snugly tight to your head if you wear a silk bonnet or a silk hair wrap, reducing the possibility of breakages and end thinning.

  • The excellent style-preserver silk bonnets

Sleep in silk and get a great start every morning. It takes time to style and straighten your hair every morning. A silk cap or bonnet can help keep your hairstyle looking good for days, giving you the gift of extra time to sleep.

  • Silk keeps hair from tangling.

Your hair is less likely to move around throughout the night when it is properly tucked within a silk bonnet. In other words, it falls freely over your shoulders in all its natural grace.

  • Frizz is eliminated with silk.

All hair types, but notably those who are prone to frizz, benefit from mulberry silk. The natural, hypoallergenic protein found in silk soothes the hair and scalp. Although it is not slippery to sleep on, its smooth shape prevents friction against the hair follicle.

  • Silk provides extra care for aging hair

Our skin and hair tend to dry out and lose moisture as we age. This is even worse for hair if it rubs against a fabric all night that is known to absorb moisture, like cotton. Silk’s inherent protein fibers can promote the growth of healthy hair, and since it also benefits the skin, silk bonnets are a top seller.
In conclusion, silk’s inherent properties make it the ideal bedtime companion for your hair. Add a sophisticated touch of elegancy and luxury to your hair care routine with the stunning collection of silk bonnets and silk hair wraps by Lavadene SilkHair Wrap.

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