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Everything You Need to Know About Silk Durags

There’s a long list of awesomeness that goes into making silk durags the best hair accessory. It has no fibers that cling to your hair like cotton does and is smooth and slick. Pure silk with no adulteration from other materials. Extra-long strings allow and facilitate simple front- or back-tying.

How do I tie or wear a Silk Durag?

Wearing a silk durag is a fantastic fashion statement because it enables you to finish off a stunning appearance and express yourself as you want. Additionally, it can keep your hair tidy and help you go around your day without the annoyance of your hair getting in your face.

In light of this, tying a durag is not as challenging as you may think. You can experiment with different methods to see which one works best for you.

5 steps you need to follow to tie a Silk Durag

  1. To begin, flip the durag inside out. The central seam should protrude out from the durag and be on the exterior. You definitely want to prevent having an odd seam imprint in your hair if you don’t pay attention to it.
  2. Add the silk durag to your head so that it resembles a hood. The back of the flag should rest over your eyebrows, and the front should hang around your neck.
  3. At this point, you need to take a string in each hand and knot them together behind your head. Make sure to tie everything securely to prevent it from coming undone. On the other hand, avoid tying too much, as this can cause headaches.
  4. Next, cross your hands at the forehead by holding a string in each of your hands. Return your attention to the back of your head and slowly move towards the opposite side.

You should finish by tying the string in a knot directly behind your head. The fabric should be pulled tightly and set straight. This shouldn’t contain any polyester because silk durags perform best for this technique.

Why is wearing a silk durag recommended?

The compression that a silk durag provides for your hair will help to enhance the appeal of natural waves, which is one of the main reasons it is so popular with our USA beauties.

Additionally, it keeps your hair moisturized at all times and shields it from pollution. Therefore you should have one. In the event that you have braids, a silk durag is excellent because it will maintain them in place while also shielding them from harm.

A durag will shield your hair from UV rays, which are frequently highly bothersome and will also help you stay cool throughout the hot summer days. Additionally, no matter the style, you may wear it and accessorize it without any issues. You can wear it by itself, with brooches and jewelry, or even with a hat on top of it.


USA Silk Durags and Durags by Lavadene Silk Hair Wraps remove the burden of carrying damaged hair while eliminating the worry of compromising on your fashion statement. Using our extensive selection of colorful, high-quality, and gorgeous durags enhances both your appearance and your sense of well-being.


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